Summer Breaks !

Its vacation time again! The much awaited holidays are here and it’s time to play, have fun, watch movies and do lots of creative activities. You must have already made plans to visit your grandparents and your extended family, to take a dip in swimming pools, water parks or joining some summer camps to learn new things.Summers are the time to BEAT THE HEAT by trying your hands at making new cool & refreshing drinks, relishing different flavours of ice cream and playing indoor games

Read for Pleasure

It’s the best time to inculcate good reading habits, so read plenty of books. Become a member of a library in the neighbourhood, with the help of your parents. Make a list of characters you liked in the books you have read.

We wish you fun and joy with your cousins & other family members, during this vacation. Plan to visit museums and monuments with your family. Picnics in the evenings are an excellent way to enjoy time with your family.

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